Sing for a beautiful world

Sing to wake up the city

The new FLOWER BY KENZO EAU DE VIE is a celebration of life, an olfactory melody. It's an invitation to live with passion and to sing for a beautiful world.

Plunge into the reinterpretations of the hymn of the film, performed by emerging talents who wake up their city through music.


"I'm always looking for the best in people"

The radiant music of Melissa Laveaux is a celebration of Haitian's joy of life. Inspired by African-Caribbeans rhythms, she performs a percusive music lighten up by her solar voice.

With her song "Angeli-ko" she gives a new rhythm to the city.


"Our music aims to wake up the city"

The colourful music of Teeers is an invitation to enjoy life. Inspired by the energy of the street, they perform a lively music colored by their playful instruments.

With their song "After The After" the four boys definitively liven up the city.


"I try to bring some joy in the city"

The genre-defying music of Adam Naas is an expression of joy in itself. Inspired by the diversity of hip-hop, he performs a touching music driven by his hypersensitive voice.

With his song "Shalalalove" he reveals the beauty of the city.

A floral song

Love. Sing. Enjoy.
New chapter of the iconic perfume, FLOWER BY KENZO EAU DE VIE is a manifesto to celebrate life, together.

A love-at-first-scent fragrance, an olfactory melody with its own instruments to listen to: ginger, orange blossom and tonka bean.

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For a beautiful world

FLOWER BY KENZO EAU DE VIE brings the city to life with the sound "What A Way To Win A War" composed by Tom McRae. Have a look to the FLOWER BY KENZO power!